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The Caleb Group

In 2019, The Caleb Group, or originally “The Circuit Mission & Ministry Development Group (CMMDG)”, was set up by the Circuit Leadership Team to in order to develop a strategic plan for the future of our mission together.

The Caleb Group sent out questionnaires for every member and attendee to complete. They also met with local leadership groups to discuss the replies

Using those questionnaires and your valuable reflections and input, two reports were prepared for and approved by the Circuit Meeting. These can be downloaded below.

Additionally, a new Mission Policy Document has been issued. This can also be downloaded below.

1st Caleb Group Report

The first Caleb Group report can be downloaded here (pdf file)

2nd Caleb Group Report

The second Caleb Group report can be downloaded here (pdf file)

Mission Policy Document

The Mission Policy Document can be downloaded here (pdf file)

The Circuit networks

The Proposed Network Structure can be downloaded here (pdf file)